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AdUp Project Drafting provides technical services in the form of general engineering drafting. From up-front plant concepts to re-engineered parts and specialist services. With over 30 years of industrial experience ADUP Project Drafting is competent in factory, process, building services, Council Plans and now 3D modelling. Projects often include site work and follow up Project Management. Over the years AdUp Project drafting has been engaged in freelance work for most of the major industrial companies in Sydney across a broad range of industries. AdUp Project Drafting is a Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) based in Sydney, South. It can call on other tried and proven resources such as surveyors, engineers, town planners, specialist consultants and trades to meet project needs.

AdUp Project Drafting offers a mature and experienced approach from a
practical background

We have a strong core built up around the process industry with an association with Dangerous Goods and process systems.

  • WorkCover NSW accredited for most classes of dangerous goods.
  • Compliance matters.
  • Site layout plans
  • Offering consultancy for industrial and process systems that handle a wide variety of goods.

Record your ideas. From up-front concepts to 3D modelling of re-engineered parts.

Why use us??

  • Trained draftsmen, not just computer operators.
  • Security…we have a real interest that your ideas and documents remain n
    your hands
  • Short lead time
  • On demand service
  • No work cultural barrier
  • Experienced in the maze through Council Applications
  • Drawing co-ordination

3D models are the new way to present ideas

3D models are the latest trend to present your ideas


The above image is a sample of the same job originally created as a plan drawing.

View the complete drawing plans as PDF here

3D modelling is now very cost effective…you would be surprised with what you can get for your money.

The sample above shows a simple 3D model and with the model animated at little extra cost. Click play to view.